Monday, June 9, 2014

The Law Offices of Elisa C. Brasil are committed to serving the needs of its clients with professional and highly competent legal representation.  Exclusively practicing immigration law, Elisa Brasil has over a decade of experience in all areas of immigration, including the complex areas of deportation defense and political asylum. 
Immigration law can be complicated and daunting, but The Law Offices of Elisa C. Brasil will help you navigate through the process, pursue every available course of action and resolve your immigration case.  It all starts with an initial consultation in which Elisa Brasil conducts a detailed intake and considers every aspect of your immigration history and life events that might potentially impact immigration possibilities.  Once all the facts are known, she assesses pros and cons, explains the law and clearly advises on all the courses of action, charting a course for the best possible outcome.
Through clear communication, knowledgeable analysis, integrity and detailed preparation, The Law Offices of Elisa C. Brasil will work hard for you, explain the laws to you and fight hard on your behalf.  These values are what have made Elisa Brasil successful throughout her legal career, litigating at all levels of immigration law, including The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Board of Immigration Appeals, Immigration Court in various jurisdictions and Citizenship and Immigration Services. 
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